This Will Be My First PPC Gerald Carpenter Memorial Match. This is The Right Place to Be.


Fenton Club PPC

Fenton Club PPC

NRA indoor P.P.C., 60 rounds, fired at 50’ on a B-27R target. Stage 1 will be 12 rounds in 20 seconds.

Scoring will be on the Lewis system and will be done by the competitors. Challenges $1.00. NO

ALIBI’S! NRA rules will be guidelines; Match Coordinator has the final say on all disputes, ties and

decisions. We will be having a 60 round

SERVICE MATCH  again this year. The course of fire will be the same as the PPC match but you must use a 4” Revolver or 5” Semi-Auto. This is a CASH match with 50% of

the money being returned to the 3 place winners in 5 classes.


Individual 1st Place Winners Springfield Armory firearm (5 Classes)

Individual 2nd Place Winners Smith & Wesson firearm (5 Classes)

Individual 3rd Place Winners 1 case of Michigan Ammo Match .38 HBWC Ammunition (5 Classes)

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