2014 28th Taylor Pistol Club PPC Match, January 3 through 12, 2014

2014 28th Taylor Pistol Club PPC Match

January 3 through 12, 2014


Taylor, MI Pistol Club

17614 Reno Riverview, MI 48193

Prize Winners

Must have FFL and/or fill out paperwork. Winners are responsi-ble for transportation of prizes which must be picked up within 30 days or they revert back to TPC property. Canadians winning a gun get cash option.

35 guns or more, 1 large safe, and one optic sight will be given away

Prize Summary

18 guns in the PPC match

Lewis sys

3 Early Bird guns

1 Pre-Registration gun

6 Door prize guns

5 Aggregate guns

2 Female guns

1 Youth gun plus handgun safe

1 Motivator gun

1 Aggregate safe

1 Aggregate sight

Total: 37 guns, 1 safe, 1 optic

FeePreRegisterCourseof Fire





US$45 covers both PPC match Registration and BanquetRegistrations for both matches post-marked by January 3rd qualify for an additional gun drawing – mail check to Contact address belowNRA Indoor PPC 60 rounds fired at 21 & 50 feet on B27R Targets. See website for COF.Semi-automatic Pistols or Revolvers (min 32 cal. – max 45 cal., 6″ max barrel length.) Semi-automatic shooters must load 6 rounds per magazine and must have a minimum of 4 magazines. No cross-draw holsters. The match director must clear any questionable equipment. No magnum nor steel core ammo.

Competitors will score targets. Challenges are $10.

Match director’s decision is final.

The Lewis system will be used to determine winners of each of 6 classes. *MBPTW

1st Place (each class)

S&W M&P9

2nd Place (each class)


3rd Place (each class)

S&W 22A

2 Female guns

A S&W M&P9 and a S&W BodyGuard 38 donated by Ibach Enterprise (Darrell A. Ibach memorial gun) *NNBPTW

1 Youth Gun

S&W M&P22 + handgun safe sponsored by Total Loss Services for

shooters of both matches 17 and younger *NNBPTW