Our SCUBA Dive in Paradise Reef Cozumel Mexico, December 2013

Cozumel, Mexico, December 2013. View from my balcony of El Cid Hotel.

Cozumel, Mexico, December 2013. View from my balcony of El Cid Hotel.

Diving in the Paradise Reef

Diving in the Paradise Reef

How much do we pay for our dream vacations on average?

Well, on average we pay $3K to $4K for one week up to 10 days.  During our last trip to Cozumel, Mexico in December 2013, we met a couple of fellow Scuba divers who shared a boat trip with us for diving in the Paradise Reef. During our conversation, they told us that they already completed over 80 SCUBA dives in various sites around the world over the last four years. Simple calculation shows that they have invested around $16K in their hobby without counting equipment, only dives. On a monthly basis, the expense will be $333.30.  What I would like to point your attention to is that this is only one example from many other individuals who did over 1,000 dives in our hotel.  The point is that your hobby will cost you something. And we will pay by committing to our goal in one way or another.

I am surprised that many Olympic style competitive target shooting athletes are so reluctant to understand the simple truth. The competitive subject of Olympic Style target shooting performance must be handled by professionals who understand psychology and a deep knowledge of perfect single shot development. If you do not have sources to financially support your dream, it is better to do bowling since it is less stressful and inexpensive.

I am working to my plan of a next SCUBA dive at Key West, Florida on the shipwreck Athocha (1622 Spanish galleon)   in 2014.

What is your plan for 2014?

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