Comparison Between MyTwo Hobbies: Scuba Diving & Competitive Olympic style Target Shooting

Comparison Between My Two Hobbies: Scuba Diving & Competitive Olympic style Target Shooting (Part 1)

Since I was involved in two equipment “heavy” and quite expensive activities, I would like to share some thoughts and some experience about those subjects.

Cozumel. Mexico. My first Caribbean Sea Dive experience

Cozumel. Mexico. My first Caribbean Sea Dive experience.

I will start with SCUBA diving. First of all, in order to purchase the most expensive parts of your SCUBA diving kit in store, it will require you to show your Open Water certification card. In order to obtain this card, you have to accomplish the written exam on scuba diving theory, pool training, and the open water certification exam as well. On top of it, you have to admit that there are some risks involved to your life and to your health.  After the initiation of your SCUBA certification process, you can do many different things. You can start diving at your own risk; you can become a member of one of the local SCUBA diving clubs and dive with a group of more experienced divers; you can schedule a trip to exotic places around the world or you can continue to invest in your education and take different classes (The PADI Wreck Diver Course) to stay on top of your skills and knowledge.

After my recent SCUBA certification and a few local dives, we schedule our first Scuba diving trip to the Caribbean Sea. First of all, I have to admit that this is a great experience to do Scuba diving, especially in warm waters with a high level of visibility and abundance of marine life. Second, you will understand that your skill level and air consumption level is far away from your desired level. We finished our dives 30 minutes early than our boat companions. Despite our experience level in comparison to their 80 or more dives around the world, there is a simple solution: take more different classes and start working on our weakest links of performance, such as buoyancy control, weight distribution, and effective underwater movement techniques. All those parts will eventually help us reach our desired level of air consumption. Another trick is to switch to mixed air. It is mandatory to take another class to be an Enriched Air Diver, “PADI Scuba Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox”. What I like about SCUBA diving is that you have to socialize with the same open mind people who look in the same direction as you and respect the value of an educational approach. For me, it is the most effective model to achieve your goal in the most effective way with the least amount of time and trouble.

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