Perfect Single Shot Devlopment in Olympic Pistol Shooting Class with Ruslan

“Perfect Single Shot Devlopment in Olympic Pistol Shooting Class with Ruslan”  07/12/2014 & 07/12/2014
Thanks again for the excellent class time for Olympic pistol basics.  Prior to attending your class, I had read as many books and web postings as possible and thought I had a “fair” understanding of the basics of Olympic pistol shooting.  I was wrong!  There simply is no substitute for face-to-face instruction and critique.  Your explanation of the basic (but extremely important) foundations of Olympic free and air pistol shooting were excellent and all made perfect sense.  There were many excellent and logical concepts that you introduced that were never discussed in any printed material that I read.  You’re an excellent instructor and coach.  I’m looking forward to a 560 in the not-to-distant future!!  I would highly recommend your class to anyone interested in pistol shooting.
Thanks again,”

Gary Hoover

St. Louis, Missouri.