How to apply other things that you already know toward your PPC competition performance?

How to apply other things that you already know toward your PPC competition performance?

SCUBA Diving near Isla Mujeres, Cancun Mexico 11/13/2014

SCUBA Diving near Isla Mujeres, Cancun Mexico 11/13/2014

The secret is worth at least an $8,000 investment.

An interesting thing happened to me today during the performance of the 2015 Service Pistol competition at the 29th Annual PPC Match in Taylor, Michigan. At the beginning of the match, I felt some hesitancy and moderate stress because I shot this 42 round match exactly one year ago, and all previous knowledge was pretty much inaccessible due to a higher stress level and the lack of experience. I hope it is clear that there is a difference in wording between “more practice–less stress level” and more “perfect practice-higher performance score”.

I knew that I did somewhat okay last time; my score was 410 out of 420. I thought it was okay for the first time in competitive performance. This means that I somewhere have on my mental level a good pattern of respectful performance. The most difficult part for that moment is to eliminate the high level of the stress and get immediate access to my desired mental program.

What happened next? I started to think about my recent summer experience in an advanced workshop for scuba diving. The main goal of that class was to improve buoyancy control. After the initial level of certification, I was diving pretty much overweight with 22 pounds of lead. It’s not a good thing and I decided to improve my skills and lower my diving weight to 16-18 pounds. By the end of the class, I was able to dive with 16 pounds of weight instead of 22. I achieved my goal with the help of experienced instructors. I was happy to use this new skill on my recent trip in the Caribbean Sea on the island, Cozumel in Mexico. One of the skills which I gained during this class was the ability to relax my body by my own command. It was easy to say, but hard to achieve. When you finally obtain this skill under your control, you become more relaxed, happier, and a safer diver with the freedom to control your buoyancy.

My point is to not be afraid to bring your competitive PPC experience or other knowledge and skills which you gained in your life by developing yourself as a well-rounded and successful person. In my case, I was able to gain immediate access to newly learned skills of the advanced scuba diving class and the ability to relax by my own demand.

You may ask, what is the secret? Well, I decided two years ago to learn new skills and become a certified scuba diver. Since that time, all my family members became certified divers as well. There is a safety matter to not dive alone, which is why we use the buddy system to dive with another person (diving buddy). All of my expenses including scuba gear, certification, private lessons, and two trips to the Caribbean Sea was over $8,000.00. Besides all the joy and pleasure of discovering a new world in the sea which is 77% of the earth’s surface, I had additional pleasure of gaining benefits by possessing skills of a fast relaxation technique. Only this subject by itself is very valuable to me and I cannot come up with monetary measure.

P.S. So if you are looking to improve your competitive PPC performance, instead of investing in scuba diving activities, you can contact me and discuss all of your needs toward a higher competitive score performance.

Jan 5th – 11th, 2015 Taylor Pistol Club – 29th Annual PPC Match. Taylor. Michigan

Руслан Дятлов PPC Crash course with Ruslan Dyatlov .

PPC Crash course with Ruslan Dyatlov .
High Master PPC
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PPC: 598.
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Today I shot Service Pistol: 417. It is my Personal BEST so far. 🙂

I am happy :))