My scores at the Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club

PPC Crash Course With Ruslan Dyatlov.

PPC Crash Course With Ruslan Dyatlov.
High Master PPC

My scores at the Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club: 

Combat Pistol PPC:299+296= 595  High Master. 14th Place.

Service Pistol:296+297= 593  High Master. 9th Place.

This is my last PPC practice target, score is 595. It is practically the same score average as my competitive performance at this moment 593/595. My goal is score 600. We can see what it takes to achieve my goal. 🙂 Next match is: MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, April 11th and 12th, 2015. WHERE: Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club, 1140 Butcher Rd. Fenton, Mi. 48430