This information is designed to benefit Midwest Academy past, current, and future students and fans who have the DESIRE to SUCCEED in ISSF Olympic Style Target Shooting and NRA International Pistol Shooting.

Pontiac Lake Shooting Range Waterford Michigan

“I can only tell you that it was the most beneficial experience I have had since I started shooting.”

This is what one of my new students wrote to me shortly after
the class in July 2011: “Perfect Single Shot Development Class. ™” I spent 8 hours with him in total for  two days of private lessons. Not a single shot was released. This was an inspiring experience for me as well because the very same student has over 20 years of competitive experience in NRA and Olympic style target shooting and over 25 matches under his belt. The only question I have is how to deliver my service to someone who really needs it and knows what to do to help themselves MAKE THE IMPOTANT DECISION: “Can I afford not to take this class?”

If you are looking for tools to enchase your performance, or a new missing piece of information to move higher in your performance, this is a place to start searching for some answers. Simply sign up for your next class or just visit our blog more often and I‘m certain you will able to find the way to help yourself. Do not hesitate to ask questions. There are no strict limits in our sport stated yet; we are limited only with our thoughts, beliefs, or imagination. Release your brake pedal and enjoy a new way and level of performance designed for you by Midwest Academy Consulting Group. Initial consultation is FREE and the Evaluation of your current performance is FREE. Each seccion will be supported by a specific guided timeframe; there is no chance to lose confidence in your way toward excellence in your performance.

We have a SYSTEM, we will introduce you to a new STRUCTURE, we will arm you with a NEW STRATEGY, and you will choose how long you need our SUPPORT for your SUCCESS. “The Five S ™” by Midwest Academy Consulting Group. Available options are: three months, six months, or one year support. The choice is yours. Contact us for price quotes or hit me with your best, hard questions.

Ruslan Dyatlov… Providing experienced consulting for inspired competitive athletes in Olympic Style, ISSF, NRA International Pistol Target Shooting since 2004. My combined competitive, coaching, and consulting International experience in the industry is over 28 years.

“I have been involved in Olympic target shooting as an professional athlete (professional meaning as in someone who expected to perform in Air pistol no less than 575 and Free Pistol no less than 555 in competitive environment as I did for 15 years as an athlete) and 10 more years as a coach and consultant. From this point of years and expertise, I can say that before we will touch the very fragile subject of human psychology, let’s take a look at fundamentals first. A few alterations from the ideal stage in fundamentals will make it almost impossible to have a reliable outcome in an athlete’s performance.”

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 with Ruslan at Troy, Michigan USA

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 with Ruslan at Troy, Michigan USA

How to contact us:

Ruslan Dyatlov

Olympic Pistol Competitive Performance Consultant

Midwest Academy Consulting Group
Troy, Michigan

E-mail: rdiatlov@hotmail.com
Web: www.midwestacademytsusa.com
Blog: www.midwestacademyconsulting.wordpress.com

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