Article #1: How Your Map To Success Looks Like?

Is this question intriguing to you? Instead of looking at me like a deer in front of the headlights of a big truck, I would like to rephrase my question again. Do you have any diagram, or visual image of how to get from point “A” to point “B”? Before you plan a trip to your local market place or fitness class, you need to draw a map in your mind of which road you have to take to get there fast as you can. Time is the essence in any given case. The same thing applies to competitive target shooting. You are probably well informed in one way or another about companies which sell any kind of equipment or tools… your $2,000.00 toys; average price for one Olympic Style Pistol, you need at least three of them; Standard, Air, and Free Pistols. You do not have many choices to succeed if you choose not to pursue this goal with full heart and action taken toward your decision. We spent too much time talking about different models and new cool features of each AP model. Let us take Walther LP 400 or Morini 162 EI for example (Olympic Style Compressed Air Pistols). Do they make a big impact in your performance over the years with your dedication to pursue the perfect possible score? You will probably figure it out eventually, it is not the case. Since your performance froze a few years ago, you started thinking about your limits and justifications of why it happened to you. One explanation is correct; someone has talent more than the average person; I do not want to argue about it. Secondly, someone who shoots better than the average athlete has a mentor, coach, or any support to watch his or her performance and correct mistakes all the way up. Thirdly, this better performing athlete has a plan with his final point of destination. Do you have your plan, map, or diagram embedded in your mind about how to get what you want? I will show you how my plan looks like and what I did over 25 years to stay in the top ten athlete group in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and in the United States during different periods of time. You can read more information about Olympic Style Pistol Target Shooting on dedicated website; I will appreciate your comments and questions if you have any.

Send me your name and email and I will send you my diagram of performance.

Article #2: Obsession With Free Pistols!

Isn’t it pretty? You will look strange at the shooting range with this device. However, FP is the most beneficial program in slow fire Olympic pistol discipline. Many athletes are jumping to AP (air pistol) because it is convenient to practice in the comfort of their own basement. However, real competitive athletes can easily come to the conclusion that the king of the game is the FP (free pistol)! This is why in the advanced level we will pay attention mostly to the free pistol. Which model to choose? It depends. There are a few popular models you can choose from and stick by them for a few years. The least expensive, more forgiving, and more reliable is the TOZ-35M. The second most popular is Morini FP 84 E with an electronic trigger.
By the way, if you choose TOZ-35M, you have to find the funds to obtain a custom grip for yourself, otherwise it will be not much fun in performance. Where to practice? You can practice at the state park without any problems, or you can choose a club. My preference is Oakland Sportsmen’s Club in Clarkston, Michigan. Good Shooting!

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