“Each of this classes give me something to work on.”

My Best Teaching Experience (PERSONAL STORIES)

“Each of this classes give me something to work on.”

July 2015. Olympic Pistol Advance Class with Ruslan Dyatlov in Troy, Michigan.

I took three classes with Ruslan this year so far.
Each of this classes give me something to work on.
The most surprising error that I encounter was error with NPA.
I was able to shoot in the neighborhod of 540 when I encounter that error.
Moment that frustrates me the most was that I did not have consistency with my shooting: I had very good series, but some series were total disaster. I was not able to identify what cause me to hit 6 and 7th in those series.
Yes, there was error in some other areas of fundamental as well, but the error with NPA was the biggest and the hardest to find.
Again, each class reveal errors and I worked on those errors at home. I saw steady progress in my shooting development after classes with Ruslan.
Not each sessions with Ruslan give me additional poins on score board, but each of the sessions improve my understanding of the shooting.
As far as points on score board: I was able to constantly hit 87-88 (in series of 10 in air pistol) in April 2015. I can shout 92 or higher in air pistol now (September 2015)

Alexander Levitt

Texas, USA

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