Please Contact us in Advance, Preferrably within 10-15 days

Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Ruslan Dyatlov Troy, Michigan USA

Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Ruslan Dyatlov Troy, Michigan USA

*Please note: the privilege of participating in Advanced Level classes by the Midwest Academy Consulting Group is conditional upon approval of the potential student by Midwest Academy  Consulting Group instructor, who will assess prior knowledge, competitive experience, and current performance level, in order to recommend appropriate class level to fit your past experience and future goals.”All interested students: In light of our busy schedule, please contact us in advance, preferrably within 10-15 days of your planned class participation date to schedule and secure the dates and times of your training.Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals DevelopmentTwo days clinic 101, 8-10 hours$1,750.00

Advanced “Basics of Competitive Performance” – Class by MACG
ISSF (Olympic Style Pistol Shooting), NRA International Program, USA Collegiate Program

We provide exclusive advanced level instruction for highly motivated target shooting athletes. If you are interested in Higher/Master Level or International Level Sport Target Pistol Shooting instruction, feel free to contact us by email and we will discuss specific training plans and pricing on an individual basis.

We provide you with the expert knowledge you need to win. Your ultimate outcome will depend on your goals and the level of personal motivation. Your outlook and attitude will give you the edge you need to succeed.

One Day Clinic / Basic Olympic Pistol (4-6 hours) – $350.00

Intermediate Olympic Pistol – $750.00

Advanced Olympic Pistol I (Competitive Performance) – $1,750.00 -2,500.00
5S Program, Invitation Only

Advanced Olympic Pistol II (Competitive Performance) – $1,950.00
5S Program and Technical Implementation Development, Invitation Only

MASTER CLASS: One year commitment and support; all inclusive course, Basic Olympic Pistol, Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development, Intermediate, and Advanced Olympic Pistol I and II – $5,500.00

Please make payment to:

Midwest Academy Consulting Group

Memo: Class description
Accepted methods of payment: Personal check, Money order.

Tips for Successful Olympic Style Pistol Shooting:

* Most effective solution to start developing Olympic Pistol Shooting is the Air Pistol Class.

* Olympic Style Air Pistol is less expensive, more effective, and more enjoyable!

* You can practice Olympic Style Air Pistol anywhere: at home, at a hotel, in the basement, in the garage, even in your apartment and at any shooting range of course.

* Most important requisites of success: DESIRE to WIN and COURAGE to compete!

*Entry level shooters can range in age from 14 to 50 years old. People of any age can take Air Pistol Classes and compete at tournaments. Olympic Style Target Pistol Shooting is one of the few sports where age is not a limiting factor.

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