Prices & Tips

* NEW in 2015:  Two Days Seminar 101 : “Olympic Free Pistol  and Air Pistol for advance level students”

* Police Pistol Combat Competition Crash  Course with RUSS is available in TROY, Michigan for only fraction of your initial investment in your custom made pistols.

Call for details : 248.935.3257

Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Ruslan Dyatlov Troy, Michigan USA

Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Ruslan Dyatlov Troy, Michigan USA

I Strongly believe that the price of your education in  Competitive Target development must be your most important decision in comparison with your efforts invested toward choosing your “tool” and all those “talking” about the “stuff” and “fun part” of making holes in the paper.

Since there are no any vital health benefits of spending your valuable time at the shooting range, My Goal is to provide for you The Precise Set of information and instructions, which I personally developed over 17 years of my personal ISSF Competitive experience and presented over a few National and International events in North America  in 2007.

My Goal is  to make you repeat my experience and develop strong knowledge and skills to perform in the short period of time a respectful level of performance in many Pistol target Shooting Competitive programs.

First 30 minutes includes an evaluation of performance. Free of charge. Please bring your Targets (Air pistol or Free Pistol, 50 m ether Pistol) and Olympic pistol Grips for our initial conversation.

Refresher Program for a Olympic style competitive athlete  •  (One day)  or  (Private. Two days Class).

“The Perfect Single Shot Development Class for PPC Matches™”.  (Semi -private one day class).  (Private. Two days Class).


One Day Seminar 101: “Olympic Pistol for beginners”.

Two Days Seminar 101 : “Olympic Pistol for beginners”


“Perfect Single Shot Development Class in Olympic pistol”:  (three month online & Phone support).

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”:  (one year of online & Phone  support).


Master class: “Olympic pistol from beginners to International contender”

Please contact me for details, hotel reservation and trip planning if you are an International student.

All classes will be conducted in a private manner with complete attention to my student’s personal needs (there will be no extra charge for shooting range, ammunition, targets and transportation from airport to hotel and shooting range).

Two Days Seminar 101 : “Olympic Free Pistol  and Air Pistol for advance level students”



Private  lessons with Ruslan Dyatlov of Police Pistol Combat course

Eleven Tips from Russ for PPC Competitive Target Shooting:

  1.  Learn the game plan and specific safety competition rules. In order to accomplish this step, attend the local, league PPC practice at least once a week.
  2.  If you are certain that you will be pursuing the highest score in this endeavor, do not limit yourself in purchasing competition grade tools (Custom Shop, Automatic single action trigger, PPC pistol, or PPC custom single action revolver with aristocrat sights).
  3.  Learn how to reload your own Competition ammo or stick with one reliable brand.
  4.  Remember the “Pareto principle;” 80% of your success will come from 20% of your specific actions. You will decide what those actions will be. Identify the 20% most important knowledge and skills toward your ultimate performance. Take classes, obtain a mentor or a coach.
  5. Check your vision. Shooting glasses are an important tool for your future success.
  6. Invest in a speed holster (check this option with your buddies at the local PPC club).
  7. Dry fire is your supplementary source.
  8. Develop a fitness routine to stay healthy and active. Visit your chiropractor’s office on a monthly basis.
  9. Learn how to eat healthy (nutrition + proper hydration is important).
  10. Develop mental skills (focus, concentration, stress control, endurance, and self discipline).
  11. Write this  in your shooting diary.

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