My next PPC Match is 2015 MPCPA Indoor State Championship

2015 MPCPA Indoor State Championship.

Mark your calendar; this is your last chance to win a pistol in 2015!

PPC Match in Michigan: PPC Match: APRIL11-12, 2015

AWARDS: FIRST MATCH: 1st Springfield XDS 3.3” 9mm, 2nd Ruger 10/22 Stainless

Takedown With Hard Case, 3rd “Cash” in each class utilizing the Lewis System.

Top 20 MPCPA

Top 20 MPCPA


MEMBERS will be eligible for the State

Championship Match Awards, handed

out at the Annual Banquet each year.

SECOND MATCH: All shooters will be

eligible for 50% of the money for this match as “Cash” awards in 5 classes using

the Lewis System. Amounts and how deep in each class will be determined by

the number of shooters.

“First you have to find a good coach willing to train you”…

It is worth to repost it at my blog:

“I want to know how and how much i have  to practice to qualify for olympics level shooting. “


“You have to eat, live and breath the sport 23 hours a day.
First you have to find a good coach willing to train you, let you know what equipment to purchase,
And follow what he or she says.
Buy every book written on the subject, past and present, read each 5 times.
In about 5-10 years, if you do every thing your coach tells you, and your desire is still there, and your body still holds up, you might make your national team, and get a chance to make an Olympic team.
Other than that it’s a piece of cake.
Good luck”